Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Packing Books

I'm moving my physical library.  I'm at 30 boxes and not even half done.  I've read countless articles on digital books and I love my 350+ digital library that is with me all the time, but I've never once read anything about whether an important metaphor will be lost with the digital flood.

Words are so heavy.

Words overwhelm me, press down on me.  I pick up a box of books and the muscles strain and my breathing quickens.  I hold in my arms the lives of people -- authors, actors, translators, editors, typesetters, booksellers.  Their words are heavy.

Dust has accumulated on the shelf were they sat.  No book burning ash, but they have returned to dust.  I could start reading my library today and if I did nothing else, I would be dust before I finished.

Tomes are tombs where we bury our dead.   And the tombs are made of heavy granite.

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JulieAnn said...

Beautiful, my love. Don't forget to let someone else help you carry them on occasion.